In reality, my name is Yann-Cédric but some call me Yann, others Cédric. It seems that it does not help to connect up but it is surely an asset to disconnect from reality to write and invent characters.
I was born on a Sunday on an island. Yes, on an island, in 1983 in the island commune of Treichville which is part of Abidjan (it is in Ivory Coast). From my earliest childhood, I remember that I was already very attracted by science (especially biology and astrophysics). I loved the cartoon "Once Upon a Time" and spent my day asking existential questions. And it was also from the earliest age that I began to develop an immoderate taste for fantasy, fantasy and science fiction.

For reasons of health, I had to settle in Paris whose pamphlet I have since the age of 5 years. Adult, I started studying dental surgery and biomedical research. Then I embarked on a career in the pharmaceutical industry. In love with reading SFFF, imbued with this culture that I have maintained for a long time, I ended up falling into writing myself with the signature of my first novel: the Conspiracy of the Doves.
I continue to look at the world of health and it is not impossible that I write a book on health, being personally concerned in addition.