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The SF deals with recurring themes, emblematic that make think and advance science. What are you talking about in your book?

I address the themes of the improvement and perfection of the human species, physically and spiritually, the expansion of human and meta-human civilizations through parallel worlds, and the existence of the soul as quantum and mathematical entity.

La Conspiration des Colombes (means The conspiracy of the Doves) is subtitled le Fanal des Mondes (the Fanal of the Worlds). Does that mean it's the first of a long series? Is there a sequel?

Effectively. The Conspiracy of the Doves is inscribed as the first opus of a short series of science fiction literature composed of two main volumes: The Fanal of the Worlds and the Chryselephantines Towers , and a spin-off: Archibaldo Jarvis Margoline.

Which authors do you admire and influence you? And why ?

My influences are heterogeneous and I have many favorite authors. But if it were to be imposed on me, my choice would be on this quartet: Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, Dan Simmons and last but not least, Amadou Hampâté Bâ.

Why these four?

Arthur C. Clarke, because I undeniably find myself in his eternal optimism and totally adhere to the alliance between science and the supernatural.
Frank Herbert because like many I am an unconditional fan of his master work Dune, which unquestionably penetrated my sphere of inspiration.
I think that Dan Simmons transmitted to me, through Ilium, Olympos, Hyperion ..., his penchant for poetry and mythology transposed into a futuristic imagination.
As for Amadou Hampâté Bâ, because of his African origins, he has lulled me by his tales and I appreciate his particular lyricism.

Ce livre vous embarquera dans une grande épopée spatiale, pour sauver l'humanité d'un péril imminent. Les multiples intrigues, dans des mondes et des époques différents, finissent par se rejoindre. Le lecteur est tenu en haleine tout au long de ce roman qui aborde de multiples thèmes aux frontières de la science, de la technologie et de la magie.

J'ai particulièrement apprécié les références aux mythologies africaines, qui apportent une vrai originalité à ce roman de SF.

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